DECSP is an acronym for Daniel Evans Community Service Projects.

Daniel Evans, is a lecturer with the Department of Mass Communication, Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic. He has served for several years in the teaching profession and rose to the zenith of his career. He is committed to human and societal development, which he has over the years been dedicated to.

As part of his commitment to ensure the spread of his passion, and in line with the general acknowledgement of community service as a core function in tertiary institutions, along with research and teaching, he established DECSP, a personal community service initiative, to cater for the unending needs of the society.

DECSP sets out to contribute to the development of society by promoting proper moral and ethical values, skilled society, quality education, environmental and human health through advocacy, public awareness and community engagement.

The initiative complements the holistic effort of government, concerned individuals, organizations and communities in driving peace, development and inculcating good morals and ethical values in our society

In the past years, DECSP has worked to reposition education through seminars and conferences organized under the aegis of Community Reorientation and Educational Advancement Organization (CREAO). The organization until today is an active partner.

DECSP places focus on five key projects. These are;
Project EMR – Ethical and Moral Reorientation
Project HHA – Human Health Awareness
Project EHA – Environmental Health Awareness
Project CDIA – Community Development Initiative Awareness
Project ECC – Educational and Career Counselling

DECSP, as a non-profit organization seeks to collaborate with institutions of learning, government ministries and agencies, corporate organizations, well meaning individuals, youths and community leaders, to support our drive to drive our goals to the grassroots.

There are different entry or partnership points in DECSP. An individual could either sign up as a volunteer or partner. One can also sign up to support one or more of the projects that he/she wishes to be a part of.