Transforming our society from where it is today requires the collective effort of both the leaders and the led, and the mere idea of beginning the transformation process calls for people determined to take the drivers’ seat.

From health to education, economy to religion, then politics, there has been a growing concern on the level of decadence in morality, the poor development of our society, increasing crime rate and insecurity, poor health awareness and educational decay. All these and more have brought about our poor state of being, the budding of a balky generation and crime initiators and an increasingly hopeless young people in our society.

The delay witnessed in developing the key sectors of our society can be linked to inappropriate orientation, lack of community engagement as well as people to set the pace.

Through community service, we are, by the grace of God, penetrating the key sectors driving our state and nationhood with proper orientation on morality as a virtue – with our ethical and moral compass; our advocacy for community engagement in the developmental process of the society remains cardinal in our pursuit.

Our core mandate is driving sectorial transformation across institutions holding our society with the right messages, promoting quality education, environmental and human health as well as advocating human development for the development of our society.

We can only achieve our mandate through collaboration and creating synergy among individuals, corporate organizations and leaders in all sectors, who are passionate about driving change and development in our communities. If you’re passionate about developing our communities, become part of us today. Click here to Register as volunteer or partner.

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